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for the 
Wild at Heart

Named for my mother + her mother, Ivy + Joy is for the fierce. Those that radiate love + live a life of wild abandon. We ebb and flow with the cycles of the moon + connect with the energy of the earth. We raise our littles to be kind and clever and wonderfully unique.

I'm Kandis, designer of Ivy + Joy. I live for creative expression through multiple mediums, but clothing design has been my passion since before I could fully dress myself or knew that 'fashion designer' was a real job I could have.

The journey of life is always full of interesting turns, and I am so grateful for the roads that have led me here. Ivy + Joy joins my passion for graphic design + background in fashion together.


Ivy + Joy clothing is unique + beautiful, but also comfortable + made for play. My clothing designs reflect my love for the serenity of the natural world and the incorporation of sacred geometry.

The 'back to your roots' collection is hand-sewn in Canada to the highest quality standards. All blanks are ethically sourced from reputable vendors and hand-pressed by me. I ensure all items come from factories that meet the highest standards and are WARP certified.


Little's items are 100% certified organic cotton and all accessories, dyes and other inputs meet specific environmental and toxicological criteria. You can be sure it's the best choice for your littles + the world they are growing in.

I'm a momma to 3 wilds, just doing my best to be a nice human.

xoxo Kandis

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